Now with QRISK3 Calculation

  • OneContact is an NHS Approved Online Consultation and Clinical Workflow platform that helps practices manage digital demand effectively.
  • OneContact now offers seamless calculation of QRISK®3 scores for clinicians, a NICE preferred cardiovascular risk stratification algorithm, using relevant patient data from clinical systems.
  • OneContact is the first ClinRisk-approved provider of clinical system templates that collate the data used in QRISK3 calculations, ensuring accurate and efficient clinical workflow for healthcare providers.

Online Consultations

To enhance convenience and effectiveness, patients can be communicated with remotely instead of needing in-person appointments. OneContact offers both incoming and outgoing communication capabilities, and can be easily adjusted to increase the range of digital communication alternatives available to practices in the future

  • Streamlined way of collecting information
  • Allows local signposting
  • Easily identify where review is needed using our “Smart views”
  • Integrated with GOV.UK Notify to allow free outbound text messaging to patients (20,000 per year)
  • Configurable at practice level to allow maximum flexibility

Clinical System Integration


Identify the patient

OneContact prompts the user to link the submission to the patient.


Select SNOMED codes

Choose the SNOMED codes from the review that you want added to the record


Save in record

One click saving of data to the clincial record



You can also attach a PDF of the full form to the record.

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