Localised Tools

We undertake a comprehensive review of all your locally enhanced services and build bespoke tools to aid achievement.

These tools include:

Depending on the subscription tier, we are able to incorporate the following into your templates:

We don’t just build a “Locally enhanced service” template, but rather build in all your locally enhanced services to our existing templates so that users can see what they need to do in their usual workflow.

Locally enhanced services are highlighted in purple as per the colour guide in the introduction sections to our templates:

See examples of our localised templates below:

In this CCG, patients started on a DOAC attract a payment for review. So if the patient has been started on a DOAC then this panel appears to trigger data input.

In this CCG there are 3 diabetic treatment targets, hence these are highlighted in the template (if not completed then they would be in red). There is also a scheme for titration of glycaemic control using an incretin or insulin treatment – again highlighted to users in the diabetes part of the OneTemplate.

This CCG funds practices to create a CMC record for patients who are in the palliative phases of their illness. You can see this is highlighted as needing completing:

Quick hints and tips about preferred medication can be built into the relevant sections of the templates:

Here you can see links to local guidelines on asthma just above the national guidelines.

In this CCG there is a scheme for asking newly registered patients from qualifying countries of origin if they want to have a TB screening test. The scheme pays practices for asking patients three times (or coding that they don’t want one) so we built the following alert that pops up on booking an appointment. In this way practices can ensure that every eligible patient is offered screening and that the practice get paid the maximal amount for the LES.

In this CCG practices are paid for commencement of a DOAC but only if certain elements of care have been completed. When prescribing a DOAC for the first time, the following alert highlights what has been done and what is needed. The relevant information is also built into the AF section of the OneTemplate for ease of entry.

During the scoping of your locally enhanced services we build alerts that show you where you aren’t achieving the LES targets, and also where patients may be eligible for a LES scheme. In keeping with the rest of the tools, these are divided into appropriate user role.

In this CCG, practices are funded for an advanced care planning scheme which includes a number of different elements of care. The bespoke alert tells you which of these is missing and if you double click on it you are taken to a template for data entry.

Where patients may be eligible for LES schemes this is also highlighted. See the below alert where a patient is on a DMARD – but the monitoring in primary care hasn’t been coded so the practice wouldn’t be funded for this work.

During the scoping of your locally enhanced services, we also consider if there are data quality or other issues that may impact upon practices ability to complete their locally enhanced services and then build searches to highlight these to practices.

Once we’ve completed your localised tools, we build written guides and also organise webinars to go through the tools and give hints and tips about how to get the most out of the tools that we’ve created.