Clinical Templates

To do everything…

Primary Care IT have developed the most incredible suite of dynamic templates. Because they are highly dynamic and show you only what is needed for the particular patient you are dealing with, we don’t have hundreds of templates, but just a handful that show you exactly what you need based on your user role and the activity you are undertaking (chronic disease review, acute disease assessment etc). 

The user roles are divided into:

  • Prescribers
  • Non-Prescribers
  • Admin

As with all Primary Care IT tools, the templates can be easily launched from the OneLaunchers (a menu via your F12), which are built for different groups of users (in the same way as the templates).

The different templates are:

Click on the sections to review the detail

See the below examples to see how the template behaves differently depending on the patient that is selected

This patient has no chronic diseases but needs is on the oral contraceptive and has some codes that suggest QOF diagnoses that haven’t been made

This patient has asthma, is on drugs that mean they need information about sick day rules (and haven’t had it) and also has some codes that suggest QOF diagnoses that haven’t been made

See the information about sick day rules – once this has been given within the year, it doesn’t appear again.

See the possible new diagnosis of AF – and the free text explaining why this has shown.

You’ll never see this many, but it gives you an idea of the complexity that sits underneath the template. There are over 30 different possibilities that may or may not show depending on the situation.

Is highlighted at the bottom of the introduction page for Prescribers – in the hope that this work can be done throughout the year rather than rushed at the year end.

  • Simple and structured data entry for the most common GP presentations.
  • Supports developing skills with wider team members, up-skilling nursing teams or registrars.
  • Allows established clinicians to structure their data entry in keeping with NICE guidance

Includes places for all your additional roles team members to record activity:

  • Social prescriber
  • Physiotherapist
  • Mental health worker
  • Dietician
  • Pharmacist – review and reconciliation
  • Incorporating care planning for the MDT or GP


  • Detailed guidance and assessment
  • Quick assessment page
  • Managing other illnesses during COVID
  • Risk assessment, shielding and deferred care
  • End of life or palliation
  • Difficult decisions support
  • Registration admin. (recording deaths)
  • Vaccination
  • Remote saturations monitoring
  • Long COVID

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