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Referral Tree is a streamlined document repository embedded within major Primary Care EHRs , such as EMIS Web and TPP SystmOne. It provides a centralized and easy-to-navigate system for accessing required documents, including referral forms, care plans, and other documentation. Referral Tree ensures that documents are always up to date and optimizes information extraction from the EHR using mail merge.

Product Features

  • Streamlined Document Navigation: Provides quick and easy access to required documents within the EHR system.
  • Tailored Document Repository: Displays only documents relevant to the user’s specific needs, eliminating unnecessary clutter and improving user experience.
  • Mail Merge Optimization: Extracts as much information as possible from the EHR using mail merge, saving time and effort for users.
  • Up-to-Date Documents: The PCIT team keeps the documents up to date as part of the product subscription.

Product Benefits

  • Time Saving: Saves time for surgeries by eliminating the need to optimize forms and providing quick access to required documents.
  • Efficient Information Extraction: Optimizes information extraction from the EHR, ensuring accurate and comprehensive information for referrals.
  • Improved Adherence: Customizable checks can be implemented to ensure adherence to local guidance or pathways.
  • Enhanced Workflow: Increases efficiency by centralizing and standardizing document access within the EHR.

Product Availability

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