OneResults and OneMonitoring

  • OneResults is the ultimate tool in highlighting what blood test monitoring is required for a patient.  Appearing in the protocol alert box, it gives bespoke information for each patient depending on the drugs that they are on and the medical conditions that they have.
  • OneMonitoring is the culmination of 4 years worth of development work.  It complements and works alongside OneResults and OneRecall to give you all you need to know about a patient in whatever screen you are working in within EMIS
Benefits for your team
  • Makes medicines management a breeze – no more flicking between multiple screens, saving valuable time
  • Every team member within your practice can see exactly which blood tests and physical health checks are outstanding
  • Standardise your monitoring in keeping with best practice
  • Tidy all of your alerts into just three simple alerts

For every blood test you can see

  • When it was last done
  • How often it is needed
  • Why it is needed
The information panel is broken into:
  • QOF registers the patient is on
  • Registers where a review is needed
  • General information – smoking status, blood pressure, last smear etc
  • QOF items not done in the last 10 months – so overdue no matter where you are in the QOF year
  • QOF items needed before the end of the QOF year
  • Dates of last reviews conducted

See examples below (all dates are with reference to QOF year 20-21).

This patient has diabetes, their foot check hasn’t been done for over 10 months. However before the end of the QOF year, they also need their:

  • Smoking status
  • Blood pressure
  • Foot check

We can also see we’ve recorded ex-smoker status in Sept 2019 and their blood pressure was 110/62 on 5th Sept 2019.

So if I was doing a medication review I can see that I need a number of things to be done before the end of the QOF year, but that the only thing that is overdue is the foot check which was done in September last year

Hence my thinking would be we probably need to be tidying up all of this information in September 2020 (there may be a different view when I review the blood results in OneResults)

We can see that this patient is on the CHD, diabetes, hypertension and obesity registers.

We can also see that their blood pressure and foot check have not been done for over 10 months and that they aren’t on a statin (and haven’t had a statin exemption code in the last 10 months).

I would also note their last BP was a bit on the high side for a diabetic

All of these things would be making me think that we need to get the patient in for a review – a fact supported by the interim diabetic review diary entry being overdue

Looking at this patient we can see they are on the asthma, cancer, depression and palliative care registers

The asthma register needs an annual review.

I can see that by the end of the QOF year I need an asthma review and smoking status and that the last asthma review was in March 2020 so I would aim for March 2021