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GP Contract Pro is a comprehensive solution designed to support GP practices in meeting their contract requirements, including Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), vaccinations, and weight management enhanced service. It provides users with a range of features and resources to simplify data management, ensure accurate and complete documentation, and optimize care delivery.

Product Features

  • Data Management Tools: Users have access to searches that help keep data clean and accurate throughout the contract year, reducing the need for data clean-up at the end. These are separated into weekly and monthly actions for ease of use.
  • Comprehensive Resources: GP Contract Pro offers a suite of resources, including lessons and prompts, to guide users in meeting contract requirements and ensuring complete and accurate documentation.
  • QOF Lesson for Clinicians: Clinicians can benefit from a dedicated lesson that guides them through the requirements for QOF, ensuring they have a clear understanding of the criteria.
  • Data Entry Templates and Alerts: GP Contract Pro simplifies data entry for QOF by providing templates and alerts that streamline the recording of QOF data.

Product Benefits

  • Maximize QOF Points: The product helps practices achieve maximum QOF points with minimal effort, ensuring optimal performance in contract requirements.
  • Clean and Accurate Data: GP Contract Pro keeps data clean and accurate throughout the contract year, reducing the need for data clean-up and improving data quality.
  • Clear Contract Guidance: The product (including associated lesson) ensures all clinicians are aware of the requirements for their GP contract, promoting consistent understanding and adherence.
  • Time-Saving: GP Contract Pro prevents common data errors and streamlines data entry processes, saving valuable time for clinicians and administrative staff.

Product Availability

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