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OneMonitoring is a unique tool that allows users to easily identify and manage monitoring requirements for patients based on their medication and conditions. It provides a consolidated view of all monitoring needs, including QOF, IIF, medication monitoring, and more. It displays diseases and last review dates, targets aligned with NICE guidance, and health status prompts like smoking status and BMI.

Product Features

  • OneMonitoring offers a distinct feature by consolidating all monitoring requirements into one easily accessible place.

Product Benefits

  • Enhanced Coordination of Care: All members of the GP practice can ensure patients receive the necessary elements of care, optimizing patient outcomes.
  • Improved Efficiency: More care can be delivered during the initial visit, reducing the need for repeat attendance and enhancing patient satisfaction.
  • Optimal Long-Term Condition Management: Helps ensure comprehensive and timely care for patients with long-term conditions.
  • Achieving Contractual Requirements: Aids in meeting targets for QOF, IIF, and other contractual obligations, optimizing practice income.

Further Product Info

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