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The CQC Navigator is a comprehensive toolset designed to assist GP surgeries in efficiently managing their compliance with Care Quality Commission (CQC) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It offers a structured and streamlined approach, allowing users to delegate tasks to the most suitable team members while maintaining a complete audit trail of all activities. The Navigator comprises lessons, searches, dedicated templates, and alerts to ensure practices remain ahead of CQC requirements.

Product Features

  • Structured Approach: The CQC Navigator provides a structured methodology for approaching CQC KPIs, ensuring a clear and organized workflow.
  • Delegation of Tasks: Team members can easily delegate tasks based on their roles and expertise, optimising efficiency.
  • Audit Trail: All actions taken within the Navigator are logged, providing a comprehensive audit trail for compliance purposes.
  • Alert System: The system generates alerts to notify users of outstanding actions, categorising them into green, amber, and red for prioritisation.
  • Lessons: Users have access to informative lessons that raise awareness about CQC KPIs and inform them of required actions.

Product Benefits

  • Streamlined Compliance: GP surgeries can effortlessly keep up with CQC requirements, maintaining an audit-trailed record of their activities.
  • Proactive CQC Readiness: By using the CQC Navigator, practices stay ahead of the game and avoid last-minute scrambling to meet KPIs during CQC visits.

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