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The PCN DES Toolset, provided by Primary Care IT Ltd., is a comprehensive solution designed to assist practices in meeting the requirements of the Primary Care Network Directed Enhanced Service (PCN DES). It provides all the necessary resources, including templates, searches, and performance monitoring, to achieve the various specifications under the PCN DES, such as IIF, medicines optimisation, access improvement plans, enhanced health in care homes, cardiovascular disease prevention, early cancer diagnosis, health inequalities, and social prescribing.

Product Features

  • Templates and alerts: Simple to understand alerts linked to streamlined data entry templates to ensure accurate and efficient input of information required for PCN DES compliance. The optional Foundry RAG system provides an easy way of identifying those who need continuity of care.
  • Patient Identification Searches: Searches to identify patients who require specific actions to meet the PCN DES requirements, including areas related to access improvement.
  • Performance Monitoring Dashboard: A dashboard displaying performance at both individual practice and PCN levels, tracking progress over time and visualizing the impact on income.
  • Clinician Lessons: Lessons specifically designed for clinicians to understand their roles and responsibilities in meeting the PCN DES requirements.
  • Patient Survey Performance: Easy access to previous patient survey performance, allowing practices to review and analyse feedback for quality improvement.

Product Benefits

  • Comprehensive Resource Collection: Centralised resources save time and effort for users, providing ready-to-use templates and guidance to meet PCN DES specifications.
  • Time-Saving: Streamlined data entry templates and patient identification searches reduce manual effort and save time in identifying and addressing specific patient needs.
  • Enhanced Performance Management: Performance monitoring through the dashboard helps users track their progress at individual practice and PCN levels, facilitating effective performance management and improvements.
  • Informed Decision-Making: The Foundry RAG system provides a visual representation of performance, supporting informed decision-making based on clear indicators.
  • Knowledge Enhancement: Clinician lessons enhance users’ understanding of the PCN DES requirements, ensuring a coordinated approach within the PCN.
  • Quality Improvement: Access to patient survey performance helps practices review and analyse feedback for quality improvement initiatives.

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