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The Pre-Triage Process is a structured and standardized tool embedded within major Primary Care EHRs, such as EMIS Web and TPP SystmOne. It collects information about a patient’s presenting complaint in a structured manner, including important red flags or important negatives. This enables clinicians to rapidly assess the necessary actions and determine the most suitable team member to address the patient’s needs.

Product Features

  • Structured Information Collection: Collects relevant information from patients in a structured and standardised way.
  • Red Flag Symptom Assessment: Identifies important red flags or important negatives to ensure appropriate clinical action.
  • Integration with Primary Care EHR: Records all collected information directly within the Primary Care EHR (EMIS Web or TPP SystmOne).
  • Clinician Summary: Presents a useful summary of the patient’s presenting complaint to the clinician, incorporating relevant information from the patient’s record.

Product Benefits

  • Time-Saving: Structured information collection saves time for both users and clinicians, leading to a more efficient workflow.
  • Comprehensive Recording: All information is recorded directly within the Primary Care EHR, eliminating the need for additional documentation.
  • Enhanced Clinician Efficiency: Relevant patient history and information are obtained beforehand, enabling clinicians to make informed decisions and provide targeted care.
  • Improved Patient Routing: Directs patients to the most appropriate clinician or team member based on their presenting complaint, optimizing the use of resources within the practice.
  • Reduced Training Requirements: Automated questions and responses streamline the process, reducing training needs for new reception team members.

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