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The Localisation product is designed to help practices achieve their Locally Enhanced Services (LES) contracts. It provides all the necessary resources, including searches, templates for data entry, and alerts, to identify patients who require specific actions to meet the LES specifications. By streamlining the process and providing clear guidance, the Localisation product supports practices in optimizing patient care, income, and compliance with LES requirements.

Product Features

  • Simple-to-Use Searches: Provides user-friendly searches that identify key actions required to achieve LES specifications.
  • LES Alerts: Alerts within the EHR highlight outstanding requirements for LES, ensuring timely and appropriate actions.
  • Data Entry Prompts: Prompts users to enter required information to comply with LES, ensuring complete and accurate data entry.

Product Benefits

  • Improved Patient Outcomes: Helps practices optimize patient care by achieving LES specifications and ensuring that more patients hit the targets outlined in their care plans.
  • Optimized Practice Income: Enables practices to maximize their income by meeting the requirements of LES contracts.
  • Enhanced Understanding of LES Requirements: Ensures that everyone within the practice has a clear understanding of the specific requirements of LES contracts, promoting consistency and alignment in delivering care.
  • Time-Saving: Allows users to collect necessary data and perform required actions while reviewing patients for other reasons, saving time and improving efficiency.
  • Simplified Implementation: Eliminates the need for practices to create their own searches, templates, and protocols, saving effort and resources.

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