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OneResults is a unique tool designed to inform users about every blood test needed for a patient based on their medications or conditions. It provides crucial information on whether these tests are up to date or outstanding, how frequently they are needed, and why they are needed.

Product Features

  • OneResults boasts a unique capability not seen in other products on the market: it lets users know which blood tests are needed for a patient, whether they’re up to date or not, how often they are needed, and why they are needed.

Product Benefits

  • Time-Saving: By providing comprehensive information readily available, it saves clinicians time which would otherwise be spent consulting for advice.
  • Ensures Compliance: It helps ensure compliance with best practice and national guidance.
  • Convenient for Patients: When taking blood, phlebotomists can ensure they’re taking every test that is needed all at the same time – saving the patient from having to come back multiple times.

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