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We have iteratively developed a collection of tools and utilities that will help you to recall a diverse population, with varying health needs, conditions, and intervals for their health checks in a way that fits into the workflow of a busy practice.

All members of the primary care team have a role and so there are elements for each in the smooth running of the OneRecall system.

Product Features

  • Searches and Reports which take account of month of birth as well as a number of other diary entries commonly used by practices for recall and completely
  • Predefined templates for either text messages or letters to streamline the process so you don’t have to.
  • Protocol and Data Entry templates for Reception staff, Clinicians, and Admin Teams

Product Benefits

  • Searches can push to text messages or letters to send recall notifications.
  • Reception staff data entry templates – when patients call after receiving recall notifications, receptionists can see exactly what elements of care or monitoring are required for each patient so that the appropriate actions are taken.
  • Clinicians’ data entry templates – to be able to see easily when the next recall is planned and update this in two clicks – to add an interim review, or change the planned recall date.
  • Admin team data entry templates – to take account of new patients joining the practice and make sure they’re onboarded appropriately.

Further Product Info

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