TPP SystmOne Templates

Beautifully simple, built for user roles and activities

Primary Care IT have developed the most incredible suite of dynamic templates for SystmOne. Our templates are beautifully uncluttered and guide the user depending on the role and the activity they are undertaking (chronic disease review, acute disease assessment etc).  We also build your locally enhanced services into your templates from the outset, in the section of the template that the user would naturally be using – aiding recording of data to hit your targets.

The user roles are divided into:

  • Clinical
  • Admin
  • Social prescriber
  • Pharmacist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Mental health worker

As with all Primary Care IT tools, the templates can be easily launched from the toolbar which are built for different groups of users (in the same way as the templates).

Every template has the same quick launch menu on the right hand side. This is divided up into 3 areas

  • Patient information
  • User activities
  • User roles

You can see more detail about each of the resources below:

The QOF template just has data items needed to either complete or administer QOF. QOF items needed are marked with a yellow QOF box:

The QOF template is laid out with the following sections:

  • Exception reporting
  • Recall recording (2 of which lead to exception reporting)
  • The actual review

This means everybody within the team can see what is needed for QOF and take actions appropriate to their role.

You can see the asthma QOF template with these sections highlighted below:

At the bottom of this template we’ve built in smart views that aid the user if undertaking a review – in this example showing all types of asthma inhalers by the group they belong to as well as steroid issues.

If whilst completing a QOF area, a clinician wants to dive into a more thorough review or add more detail into a particular area they can click on the quick link at the top of the template which will take them to the in-depth template for that disease area:

This then opens the full asthma template:

Where scores are needed, we have built in calculators to make life easy for you:

Click on the calculator and you get:

Flags for high or low users of inhalers:

Guidance on BP targets and flags to say if achieving it or not:

Quick entry templates to streamline data entry for the commonest acute illnesses:

For example sore throat:

Built in preset notes to speed up recording of common advice:

Everything a clinician might need in one place:

Everything your admin team need:

All the calculations or scoring tools you could ever need, in just one place.